What do roommates and Mars Simulation have in common?
October 5, 2018
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“When you first move in with your roommate it’s hard to have a conversation about roommate issues because I want to fit in with them.” In my research and study of roommate relationships, I’ve found this narrative repeated so frequently by residents. Their coping strategy is just to accommodate the other roommate(s). Often they’re actively looking for an exit strategy and are not interested in resolving the roommate conflict. How do we change this? In 2018 we conducted research to see what impact 99Agree may have in changing this dynamic. We found 78% of residents who completed 99Agree’s roommate agreement process reported HIGHER satisfaction than those who did not engage or complete the process. What makes the difference? The 99Agree process provides a common starting point and roommates are more likely to discuss issues without being adversaries and provide them with a toolbox to support their roommate relationships. In addition, we provide administrators and/or community managers with “real-time” hotspot reporting and other data so they can make an impact with their current residents.

If you manage a resident community at either a 2 or 4-year college – on or off-campus – we can help. #colleges #highered #roommates #residence life #roommateconflict

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